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API: US gasoline demand reached a new all-time high in Feb……03/18/2016

API: US gasoline demand reached a new all-time high in February

HOUSTON, Mar. 17
By OGJ editors

Total US petroleum deliveries, a measure of consumer demand, gained 2% in February from year-ago levels to average 19.8 million b/d, according to the American Petroleum Institute?s monthly statistics. These were the highest February deliveries in 8 years.

?Low gasoline prices continued to drive up demand in February,? said Hazem Arafa, API director of statistics. ?In fact, gasoline demand rose to a new all-time record for the month as drivers took advantage of the low prices.?

Motor gasoline deliveries rose 5.2% from February 2015 to 9.1 million b/d, marking the highest deliveries for the month on record. February distillate deliveries were down from the prior year by 17% to average nearly 3.8 million b/d.

Crude oil production fell 3.6% from February 2015 to average 9.1 million b/d last month.

US total petroleum imports for the month averaged nearly 9.9 million b/d, up 6.7% from year-ago levels. Refined product imports in February increased 6.1% to 2.3 million b/d.

In February, gasoline production averaged 9.9 million b/d, up 3.2% from year-ago levels, while distillate fuel production declined 3.3%. API?s latest refinery operable capacity was 18.174 million b/d. Refinery gross inputs increased 1.7% from February 2015 to reach a new high for the month, averaging 15.9 million b/d.

Exports of crude oil and refined products increased 6% to average just below 5 million b/d?the highest February export level ever.

Crude oil stocks ended February at 519.6 million bbl, up 16% from a year ago to the highest February inventory level since 1930. Stocks of motor gasoline ended the month at 252.4 million bbl, up 4.9% from the prior year. Distillate fuel oil stocks rose 32.2% from the same period last year to end at 162.8 million bbl?the highest February inventory level in 35 years. Jet fuel stocks rose 10.2% to end at 42.5 million bbl. Stocks of ?other oils? were down from year-ago levels.

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